Teaching methods and didactics in physical activity


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Teaching methods and didactics in physical activity and sports for disability and special needs. Integration or Inclusion?

“Special Medical Pedagogy: Didactics, Sport and Disability”
Editorial Series directed by Prof. Domenico Tafuri


Management of Physical Activity and Sport for Everyone according to psyco-pedagogical vision.
The study gives an overall view on the psychological and pedagogical value of physical education. It deeps the meaningful of body and its learning mechanisms, the incidence of physical exercise in development process of the childhood and preadolescent age, highlighting the needs of physical space and timing, as a potential educational setting. It focus about the relationship between movement and learnings in the child development, but above all it, is given a psycho-pedagogical value of the playful activity, as the most important source of learning; and so on, the relation that allows the student to optimizes the reality according to his inner needs and to learn new knowledge, to acquire new skills and to consolidate full competencies. The student feels the need to have own space and time to playful and, so on, shows his personality in the relationship among them and the environment of the educative setting. The aim is to summarize the meaning of two complex aspects of the different contribution of Psychology and Pedagogy and to conclude in order to the physical education paradigm. The methods is the literature review with theoretical-argumentative process by deductive approach; it is used throughout a linear bibliographic that would give prominence at the specific field. In conclusion the Embodied Cognitive Science (ECS) could be the main stream to run because it contains the whole aspects of psychology and pedagogy of physical education and that has the basis in neuroscience field.
The purpose of this study is to highlight the true value of educative and formative of motor activity, physical-sportive related to the diversification of special educational needs and disability, which requires a context of reorganization and participation. From a context of school integration of physical and physical sports activities to a vision of social inclusion also of the school.
Today both people with disabilities and those with special educational needs (do not speak Italian, with evolutive disorders and specific learning and socially, economically and culturally disadvantaged) require adequate measures and exemptions in service delivery models for achieving goals of participation and acceptable development. It is recognized the validity of and the crucial role assumed from the motor activity, physical-sportive that can be the expansion cognitive instrument of socio-affective realization, with an active role, compatible with disability or the disadvantage.
There is the necessity to promote physical-inclusive sport that gives the opportunity to learn through physical experience, physical sport, the relationship and the emotions, experiencing its own physicality playing and having fun in view of the educational aims that they go far beyond pure performance and competitive environment.


Management of Physical Activity and Sport for Everyone
according to Psycho-Pedagogical vision
Chapter 1
Psycho-Pedagogy of Physical Activity and Sports
Chapter 2
Physical Activity and Sports for Disability and Special Educational Needs
Chapter 3
Sport Training and Disability
New Perspective for Wellness in Physical Activity





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